“What’s up with you? Why the fuck are you passing on the prime pussy you’re being offered? The lass couldn’t be any more obvious if she lifted her skirt and begged for your cock. Is that what you want? Do you need her to kneel at you feet and beg to suck your fucking rod? I know you get off on the control thing, so do I, but sometimes vanilla is good as well. Sometimes simply coming is fucking great and enough.”

His best friend sunk into a cursing diatribe about his fabulous sex life. Apparently now Selkirk MacLellan had a steady woman in his life, he wanted his buddy to have a lady friend as well. Being free and single wasn’t bad. A different woman whenever he wanted one was what soccer players enjoyed, right?

Fans threw themselves at them off the field for more personal time. Guys generally wanted to have a pint with him and talk football. Women made no secret how much they wanted his cock. There were men who wanted both, but he wasn’t into that. He’d tried, once, and it hadn’t happened. Women were his thing and he liked to dominate them. Of course he’d get off on having a woman naked and kneeling in front of him, but the woman he spoke of wasn’t the right one.

Pussy was pussy. At least that was how he used to think before he met Kat Thompson.

“Her hair’s the wrong color,” Boyd Gordon said before finishing his scotch. The glass helped hide his smirk so he left it there. Of course he’d share details of what was going on in his head with his friend, but he’d need a refill before then.

“Wrong color? Fucking hell,” he muttered and caught the bartender’s attention. Motioning for two more, Sel turned back to him and told him to stop fucking around and tell him what was in his head. “Okay, talk, you bloody dick wad. What the fuck is going on? Do you have a woman, is that what’s been going on with you? You’ve spent the past month walking around with your head in the clouds and it’s not nice, it’s fucking raining.”

Their fresh drinks arrived and he confided in the man who knew him best.

“You’re no fun, you fucking bastard. Fine, I met her when I went to America and visited Todd Stevens’ firm almost a year ago. Before we got busy working on pulling the ad down, she walked into his office and I was hooked. The next day I phoned her for lunch. She wouldn’t meet me, apparently had no time. I tried again and again. No deal, breakfast, lunch, dinner or even a bloody coffee. The woman would have nothing to do with me. Fucked with my head.”

“Damn, women don’t say no to you,” his friend whispered while sending him a toast. “Not even as a lure.”

“Bloody too right they don’t say no.” Boyd told his friend and shook his head with disgust at the memory. “I worked to get her attention and finally got it in spades. The night before I was leaving I went back to the law firm, signed some papers, and said my goodbyes. As it happened, I passed by her office on my way out.”

“As it happened?” Selkirk took a drink and then demanded more. “No fucking way. I know you and can’t believe you didn’t walk by on purpose. You couldn’t believe her saying no to you, cocky bastard. Lia would’ve said no as well. Fucking American’s aren’t all easy.”

“Nope, I really didn’t think she’d be there on the weekend. At this point I figured hooking up with her was a dead horse, but she was there in her office. Kat was the only one in on her floor and her door was open. There was something about her sitting behind her desk with her head down, focused on whatever was in front of her. Fucking turned me on.”

“Sitting at a desk turned you on? Oh man, you were horny as hell!”

“Horny? Shit, even though I’d attended a few parties with Todd, I played with no one. There was a totally hot lass, well stacked and wanted me to fuck, asked for me to play. I said “Ta very much, but no. When have I ever turned down a one night stand?”

“Besides tonight?” With a look Boyd knew Sel was feeling good about figuring out his problem was a woman. Fine, whatever, he’d own him with details of their first encounter.

“I walked into her office, shut the door and set out on the road to orgasm. Less than twenty minutes she was naked and moaning on the floor. As I fucked her sweet body the only thing I wanted was her groaning my name as she came.”

“Nice, did she? Wait, of course she did, you’re a master at seduction.”

“Oh yes, she cried it out as she climaxed.” He took another drink of scotch and settled back to finish. “Despite her coming, I wanted more time with her. We decided to carry on with our night at my hotel, but I had an early flight back. At least I returned home with her panties in my pocket.”

Sharing his encounter would be satisfying except something was missing. Boyd didn’t need to tell his friend how he wanted more, the man read him like a book.

“You’re not done with her, are you?”

“No, not even close. We’re talked on the phone a few times and, if we lived in the same country we’d work well together. I’ve been over to New York a few times to see her and each time we get a bit kinkier than we were the time before. For some weird reason I have no clue about I’m going slow with her. All I can figure is that I don’t want to scare her away, but I need more time with her. Every time I leave I think we’re fine, that I don’t need anything else, but I’m so wrong.”

“Shit, lad, you’re officially off the market.” Selkirk clinked his glass against his and drank. “About fucking time.”

“Maybe, I don’t know for sure but I’m going back and hope to see her. Because of the contract negotiations, changing clubs and all it entails, we haven’t talked in a couple of months. I’m based in England now, settled, and think I want her to come over.” Boyd was thinking out loud and his uncertainty of what he wanted showed through.