“You’re granting immortality like it’s nothing special, Zee. Because of your lackadaisical attitude my position has lost much of its power. I won’t stand for it any longer. You must stop this horrific behavior of yours.”

Hera was in high form with slashes of red painting her cheeks and fists clenched. An angry wife always meant a hard-on. He found her more appealing than usual when she was upset and today was no exception. By no means was this how he usually viewed her, but he must fuck her occasionally to keep their marriage flowing well. However, that was not in his plan for this argument.

“Stop it. You of all people know I don’t take immortality lightly. I’m very careful who I grant the privilege of an eternity to. Cyra makes the Cyclopes happy and they, with Hephaestus, make the best, most awe-inspiring thunderbolts for me. I won’t have the main item in my God’s arsenal be second rate.” Zeus was plain spoken about what he’d done, but his voice proved his frustration over being questioned.

“No, of course, but there are others—”

“There were two men I granted immortality to I won’t bother to name them because it is to my shame that I didn’t give them the gift at birth. They are the twins that aren’t really twins but are of my flesh. I claim both of them as my sons. They went through a difficult test on Earth and passed. Of course I gifted them and their chosen mate the honor of living forever on Mount Olympus.” He was getting fired up and that was never a good thing. The argument he’d planned was moving beyond what he’d imagined, but continued to get her upset enough to storm away from Mount Olympus.

“The third who received the honor of immortality is Marsyas’s woman, a nymph. The man is a wonderful musician, but he is also the last Ipotane known to exist. Mount Olympus, Greeks, all of us needs to hold on to him and learn about a time before we existed. I won’t be the ruler who let the last of a species give up his immortality to stay with the woman he loves.” Zeus was an important man and shouldn’t have to explain his actions to anyone. Things were going to get ugly if she didn’t do what he wanted.

He wasn’t asking for much. All he wanted was for her to get angry and leave for the night, maybe a few days. That was it, but she wasn’t giving him what he wanted. However, he was getting more upset than he was willing to accept.

“Like I said, you’re setting a bad precedence. What, I’m a woman and therefore should be happy three more have been added to our ranks? Well, I’m not, far from it. None of these or the others you’ve granted the privilege of eternity is worthy. They’re mortals, nothing more.”

“Take heed, Hera, I won’t stand for your treating any of these people or their chosen mates with anything other than courtesy. You are my wife, but don’t think that puts you above my reprisal.”

There was no way around it. The Father of Gods and Man couldn’t hide his displeasure with his wife a second more. He hadn’t wanted to intimidate her, but he would do whatever it took when she stepped beyond her place.

“Don’t you dare threaten me, Zee!” She stepped forward and jabbed her finger with its sharp nail at his chest. The anger she’d built upon had turned into complete rage. If he weren’t pissed off with her, he might’ve laughed.

“Speak with care, wife. You are about to be faced with my anger and I’m sure you won’t like the outcome.” He gave her a warning in a quiet yet firm voice. The next time she stepped out of line, he’d show her his displeasure. She wouldn’t like that one bit.

“You may be the God of the sky, lightning, thunder, law, order, and justice, but I am the Queen of the Gods. I am willing to get my hands dirty. I have a great deal of support whenever I take such steps. Do I need to remind you of what happened to Leto, Io, Echo, or Gerana to name but a few?” Her eyes were mere slits, fists clenched and pushed against his chest, and she screamed at him. He knew she’d gone where she rarely went, she was enraged.

Unfortunately, because of her temper, she’d gone too far and he couldn’t forgive her. The argument he’d started had moved well beyond an acceptable level. He was finished.

“That’s it, Hera!” He roared and thrust his chest out in a show of physical power with a fierce frown on his face. “We may be married, but I’m done with you. Saying we’re husband and wife is nothing more than words. Our children are grown and don’t need your focused attention anymore. You may continue to come to Mount Olympus to see them and handle any business you may have, but you may not stay the night again, ever again.”

She encouraged his wrath to gain momentum by spouting off the names of those he’d loved and she’d harmed because of him. He hadn’t liked explaining his reason behind each granting of immortality, but naming those she’d harmed because of him was too much. That was a low point for him, one he wouldn’t easily forget.

“No! You mean beast of a man! You’re well beyond doing anything good for another. Your ruthless self-centeredness will be all you can claim. From this point on, I promise you shall be known only for disgorging our father and imprisoning him all so you could rule. Nothing good or positive will ever be attached to you or your reign.” Her fury was palatable, but he wasn’t worried by what she said. She had power, but not enough to do him any real damage.

“Name calling means nothing to me. Besides, I am already revered by all. Now get out of this hall. Go pack your things because you must be gone by nightfall. I will not have the sun set with you able to walk my hallways ever again.” He actually found setting aside his wife easier than he thought he would. The time to move on with his life was here and he wanted to get started immediately. She was in the way and had to disappear.

“You will pay for this mistreatment, Zee. Mark my words. You will pay greatly for treating me so poorly.” Tears accompanied her words, but he wasn’t buying any of it.

“Yes, yes, whatever you say, Hera. Now get out,” impatiently he waved a hand to dismiss her presence both physically and mentally. He was done putting up with her games. With a smile, he poured himself a glass of ambrosia and moved to sit on his throne. The bane of his life would soon be gone and already he was feeling lighter of spirit.

Once he was finally alone, Zeus took a breath of air that was clean and pure. For the first time in ages, he felt free of tension and figured it was getting his wife out. She was by far too intolerable to have at his side. He was well rid of her and her evil machinations that stained his reign.

Timing of their split couldn’t be any better. He had started the fight to get her to storm out for the night, maybe a couple of days, but he’d take their breaking up. All would be good as long as his wife was truly gone. He was ready and excited to move forward with his plans for the night. Much time had passed to make things right, but he believed everything was finally in place and he could get some satisfaction.