“Oh, baby girl, you look so sexy. Give me your safe word. Let me hear you say the word so I know you remember it.”

“I trust you, totally, and won’t need it.”

“Humor me,” he murmured while running a hand down her arm until a fingertip circled around her armpit. She almost giggled and then the word he was looking for was spoken in a clear tone.

“It’s frost, but I know I won’t need it.”

“Promise me you’ll use it if you’re scared or hurt by anything we—” She cut him off before he could finish his plea.

“Stop! Enough of this! Come here and love me.”

Richard sat beside her on the bed. His cock pulsed with need to bury itself inside her tight grasp. Leaning over, he pressed his lips against hers, testing the resiliency of her soft plump folds. Mary meant the world to him. When he hadn’t been looking, he’d found the one woman who completed him. He’d do anything in his power to make sure her life was peaceful, full of love and joy, and his lover.

It was only a year ago, he’d walked into a gallery in Chelsea for an opening and, with one look, his entire world turned upside down and inside out. He’d been left uncomfortably open and vulnerable before her and yet didn’t question the discovery. Instead, he went with the flow of unimagined power and the woman who brought it and this new side of him to the surface.

Taking her bottom lip between his teeth, he looked into her green eyes and tugged, before letting the fold go. Once released her lips didn’t close but remained enticingly parted as she panted for air. There was a hunger radiating from her that he wanted and would have after he teased it a bit further toward breaking.

“Do you remember the night we met?”

“Of course. I was attending the opening in a well-respected gallery for an up-and-coming artist who the critics were touting had unbelievable talent, ability, and finesse. She was everything they said and more. Her carved stone appeared so fluid-like. You were too handsome and so sure of yourself. Walking up and introducing yourself in your deep sexy voice, then offering me a glass of champagne drew my attention away from your other flaws. No doubt from the minute you saw me, you’d quickly determined I’d be an easy catch for a stud like you, and I was. Now will you fuck me?”

“Hmmm, so demanding and eager. You know how much I love that about you. So much so, I’ll ignore the flaws bit.” He could tell she was anxious for what was coming her way. Her body fairly vibrated with need and had already ramp

ed up until she was seconds away from shaking out of her skin. There was no rush. He wanted to enjoy every inch of her body.

“How about if I beg? Will you take me then?”