Somewhere in the middle of the 21st Century

“Pardon me, sir. I have an update for you. The second major shipping lane has been taken. This, with the other path and the bridge between Alaska and Russia also being under rebel control, means we will no longer be receiving any goods. The only supplies to be brought in will be what can be made across land.”

He was a young assistant, not at all well equipped to handle this meeting, but here he stood before the President of the United States. Bad luck had it so he’d found the man at the worse possible time, right after a press conference. Everyone, even the public, knew the head of the nation felt explaining his actions to the press was beneath him and his powerful position and, therefore, resented having to participate in them. Not exactly the best conditions for the information he needed to convey.

“What?” Disbelief and anger were obvious in the President’s exclamation.

“All three of the major routes that lead to us are being held hostage. We have suffered some collateral damage, but the pathways are all still intact.”

“I don’t care how many people we lose. We are a world power with the most advanced and effective military, I can’t believe we haven’t been able to hold onto a few basic passageways.” After a moment, it appeared the President had brought himself back under control and continued, “How long ago was the last shipment we received? Three, four months? This is not good enough. What are our supply levels within our borders looking like?”

“Minimal, sir. They have been stretched on all levels, and at the rate we are going through them, it will be less than six months before they are entirely depleted.”

A heavy, uncomfortable silence permeated the room. It was an impromptu briefing, one that had been expected by most in the administration, but apparently not by the President.

“I am the leader of the free world! I am cognizant of the needs of every person on this planet, not just those that reside here within United States.” Anger vibrated from the slightly pudgy man in the navy blue suit. He was balding, and what hair was there was grey, wiry, giving an impression of him being old, but the energy surrounding him as he paced the room proved the lazy-man reputation wrong. “Why are these eco-terrorists doing this to us?”

“Sir, I think you misunderstand.” The assistant tensely gripped the folder full of details on the recent events and tried to calmly reason with the man.

“No, I don’t think I am. I control the world’s largest economy and know what is best. Growth! Consumption breeds advancement. Democracy! It guarantees the glory that is freedom to all who practice it and offers everyone a choice in determining their own destiny. These idiots think—”


“—they know what is best for the world’s population? They understand nothing other than their own dogmatic delusions. Progress is what the world needs, not more rules and regulations to inhibit everyone from being able to grasp hold of their dreams. Those uneducated fools believe power should be shared, not held by one single person! I know what is best for humanity and it is not to put the planet first and its people second.”

“Sir, please, they are not saying that at all. The platform they adhere to is—”

“Their way or no way! Look, this small group of extremists is right now holding three of the major shipping lanes hostage, threatening to destroy them unless we bow to their demands. How does that help anyone? Is that freedom for all?”

The man paced the length of the room, but rage and anger no longer fed his energy. Now it was all ego, and the realization frightened the young assistant. This man held a great deal of power of the world in his hands, making him very dangerous.

“No, no more. I have had enough of trying the diplomatic route, now it’s time for going down the path of my choice. These kind of people only understand force and that is what I will use to make them see my way is the right way.”

Sir! Cooler heads must prev—”

Too late. The President stormed from the room, leaving a feeling of desolation behind him.

* * * * *

The young assistant who had passed on the bad news to the leader of the free world was not surprised when, in less than two months, WWIII broke and the biggest lie ever known to exist began to form.

He knew of the falsehood being pressed upon the people, hated to see how easily it was accepted, quickly gaining momentum, growing larger and stronger than anyone would have thought possible.

In a short span of time, he noticed those in the government who knew the truth either joined up and helped sell it to the citizens or, like those who fought against the sham’s escalation, were eventually silenced. It was his greatest shame to carry the knowledge that, without a care for others, he followed.

Even on his deathbed, he made no confession. However, what weighed heavily on his last thoughts was the knowledge that time would be the biggest enemy to the survivors of the war to end all wars. Ultimately, he understood with the passing of years people would forget what went on before, and the lie would win by becoming a means for a select few to hold onto power.

As he saw the bright light pulling him into the ever after, he thought how, as generations passed, there would be hardly any people who knew the truth, the whole diabolical plot. In his heart was the wish there would be someone stronger than he who would never allow hope to die and he would do what he could to help them.

Hidden well, deep within in his private space, was the proof needed to expose the plan of a select few to control the citizens of the free world.

He would die knowing he may have been a willing participant in the subterfuge, but once the papers he’d hidden had been found, he would be redeemed by helping set New America back on the right track.