Designing jewelry is Gabby’s passion. Her long hours and extreme work ethic keep her working late until her body cries out for satisfaction. Succulent, the local BDSM club, is the perfect place to have sex and nothing else. There are no surprises when she allows her submissive soul out to play, until she answers one man’s call—and now she wants much more.

Strategy and control rule Max. As an environmental consultant he has the ear of local government officials up to the Prime Minister and gets results. His passions, however, involve something more erotically inclined. As a silent partner in a private club, Max has benefits—a perk he’s grateful for when he first lays eyes on a busty beauty.

The club brings Gabby and Max together for sex, but what happens outside its walls is more intense, real and involves the heart.



Surf! Sand! Sun! And Plenty of Sex!

Finding Home

Warrant Officer Dale Smythe is an active duty Marine and loves it. All that’s missing from his life a woman he doesn't want to leave. He finds her and the question becomes: will he be able to handle it when he goes on tour?

Bound in Paradise

Mike Kane is a multiple world champion surfer who is in love with a woman who suddenly left. They both are public figures, the reason she left, only soon she regrets her decision. She comes to his house to try and work things out, but do they?

Her Wicked Ride

Brian Mulligan fixes cars and is covered in tattoos. He’s a bad boy with women, very bad and terribly sexy. Chaos is reigning around him and a half-naked woman in his lap he wants more with, but they must start with a first date, right?

Read the three stories in LOVE UNDER THE SUN for wicked sex and love while soaking up the sun.


Catalina Geldbach, born and raised in Wisconsin, and is a Latina. A teacher and a mother of three demanding cats, she is ready to take her life to the next stage … the one where she makes decisions. Taking life by the horns, she chooses what name she’ll be called, receives her first tattoo, and now it’s time to get a man.


Derek Schrizer, a retired Marine, straggly hair, long beard, heavily inked, local boy has come home. He’s an HVAC guy who volunteers at the local fire department, hooks up with plenty of ladies, but none make him want more. Sitting in a tattoo parlor’s chair, he reconnects with Cat, a gorgeous, curvy, beauty, and life is looking better.


They were friends who grew more intimate as they grew older. No words of waiting were spoken when they finished school, but their hearts saw things differently.


There are two things on Mimi’s mind—her lover Rick, and how he’s finally given in and bound her as she wants. Everything is wonderful, until a mysterious trip calls him away. With Rick gone, Mimi tries to back out of walking the runway at the Safe, Sane and Consensually Wild fashion show, where she and her lover were set to model leather goods and put on a wild sex show for the finale. But she’s the muse behind the collection and the designer, her friend, and he won’t hear of her not modeling.

When a misunderstanding threatens to tear them apart, it turns out the fashion show could bring Mimi and Rick closer together.


A visit to hell and heaven brings a chance for love or is it simply kinky lust?

Hell is a reportedly evil place full of torture and retribution of crimes played out on Earth. Lucifer, the Prince of Darkness, is in control, has been since the beginning, and he is ready to leave the job behind when he finds the woman suited perfectly for him … but does she love him?

Heaven is allegedly a higher place with only joy and beauty surrounding residents. After much hard work, Ann Miller has been granted her Guardian Angel wings. She never had a chance to live or love, only she falls for the man she is supposed to guard. There is hope he says the words to her, they fit together … but will he say what she wants to hear before time runs out?

Stories in collection are:

Call Me Lucifer

My Angel