Chapter One

Cerberus stood guard on the River Acheron, the river of pain, waiting for anything to happen. His three heads twisted around looking for past, present, and future Underworld residents. In the distance, he could see there was no one in Charon’s boat and could also tell no one stood on the shore waiting to be picked up.

Using long tongues, he swiped around his lips and most of the drool was cleared. The head to the left yawned and the right shook freely. The middle head decided to take a moment for himself. He sat down and allowed the other two heads to do the work.

One of his heads permanently watched behind him to ensure nobody tried to escape his best friend Hades’ hospitality. The times he’d made a mistake or was lulled to look away were few, but each one still angered him. Who falls asleep to music? No one as tough and hard as him!

The job was usually quiet with only an occasional outburst. He enjoyed the rupture of energy and wished there were more.

Footsteps came louder from behind him, only there was nothing to see in the murky fog. Standing up with a growl, the snake heads along his spine all awakened and were spitting poison as he prepared to hold back a scared soul meant to stay where they were put. The other two heads scanned their surroundings for those destined to reside in the Underworld.

“Relax, Spot, relax. It’s me.” Hades joined him on the river’s edge, patted his head, and absorbed the outer boundaries of his kingdom.

The god wore a calm facade and Cerberus had learned how to act from him. Even though the Underworld was not a happy place to inhabit for eternity, both of them were friendly to all who came to stay and not to those who tried to leave. As far as he was concerned, it was rude to escape their hospitality.

With a gruff affirmative response, he was rewarded with more from his friend. The snakes eased back into lumps along his spine and his snake tail fell to the ground behind him. While he had three heads and a bite laced with poison, it was the snake heads and tail which caused the most fear in those he met. If he needed to kill a person quickly then he bit them using his mouths, but if he wanted them to suffer, the snakes along his spine joined the fray.

“I have a favor to ask,” started his friend and essential boss.

Cerberus looked up at the god with eyes flashing both concern and ready for anything on his middle head. He’d do whatever his friend asked.

“My wife is having a difficult time at her mother Demeter’s place on Mt. Olympus. No surprise there. The woman can make things harder than they need to be. Anyway, my queen would like to see the world at large, the current world. I want to give this to her, but you know I never leave my domain. Would you go and protect my beautiful Persephone? I wouldn’t trust anyone except you to watch over her precious form as I would.”

Barking the affirmative with all three heads ensured his friend knew he would gladly accept this challenge. Everything was going to be new for him because he’d never made a trip to the universe above Zeus’s temple. Of course he’d traveled to Mt. Olympus and knew what to expect in gaining a human form, but he was a dog mainly locked to the Underworld. The intelligence he possessed was his, no matter where he stood in the world and assumed it would be the same to travel into the unknown.

On previous trips he’d experienced many feelings, although passion was his all time favorite. Fucking all sorts of women, in different positions and with toys was the best of all. Hopefully during this trip he’d have time to play with women. It would definitely be something to remember if he could.

Excitement at the unknown was ruling his rambunctious, out of control barking and thankfully Hades released him to go. Waiting for Charon to take him away, he barked and danced around until his friend gave him his last instructions.

“Go to Mt. Olympus, take Persephone wherever she wants, and watch her closely. Do not let anyone take her away from me, Spot. I’m counting on you with my heart. My wife is the best of me. Nothing she wants is out of reach. To make sure you’re faced with no problems, I’ve arranged for you to have whatever you need. Remember, you must have her back with me for the start of Autumn. No later, my friend. No later.”

With the final instructions given, the collar and chain were gone. They weren’t horrible items to wear, but he only wore them to do his job.

Leaping onto the boat, he eagerly stood on the bow and was ready to slowly change into his human body. He liked being the hellhound who protected the Underworld, the job was a prestigious one, but he also knew he was a hot man. At least the ladies he hooked up with gave him such labels. Going outside Mt. Olympus might change things further. He was eager to find out.

With his feet marching in place with excitement, he listened as Hades gave Charon instructions as he handed the man a piece of metal from the earth and therefore worth more than a coin. The formalities were all handled and they pushed away from the Underworld.

Changes were happening to him physically as the boat glided through the water. The fog lifted and his two extra heads started to fade away. Upon sight of land with weeds as the main element, his front legs and paws shrunk. Standing upright, they disappeared into wider shoulder blades, making them even broader. By the time he set foot on land, his legs were long and strong, his arms worthy of Atlas, and he possessed only a single head with wild hair and a beard. There were still the snake heads along his spine, only they’d get smaller by the time he made it to Mount Olympus.

Despite the snake as a tail and a multitude of their small serpent heads along his back, Cer was a man in every sense of the word. He knew he had an impressive cock with a set of balls he couldn’t keep his hands off.

“Thank you for the ride, Charon. I’ll see you when I’m ready for the return ride.” With a shake of his body as he got used to the new form, he jumped off the boat and prepared to walk away before he remembered one last thing. “Wait, do you have anything I can use to cover up? I don’t want to offend anyone by showing up naked at Demeter’s place.”

The older man offered a slight grin as he tossed a swatch of fabric at him.

“Thanks again,” he offered as he caught the scarf and turned away. He started to run through the open field. It was times like this, running at this pace, that showed him how much he enjoyed being free. Running wherever he wanted, all the food he could eat, sex whenever he wanted, and he’d be happy.

He enjoyed a rare outing, which made times like these all the more pleasurable.

Persephone was beautiful and nice to be with. It was as if she was his sister, which meant he’d protect her with his life. Going all out with the task wasn’t simply because Hades had asked, she was his friend as well. He’d do whatever she asked and what he knew she needed but hadn’t requested.

With the fabric wrapped around his neck, he was able to push his body even further. Hard exertion meant sweat gathered on his changed form and he didn’t care how it looked. Anyone could watch him embrace this other side of himself, he paid them no mind. This was his time to enjoy a new outlook on life and he intended to live every moment to the fullest.

Racing through the weeds soon turned into tall grass and eventually, flowers started to dot the plains. He kept up the fast, hard, punishing pace until the secret gate leading to the stairs above popped up on the horizon. To the naked eye it looked like a tree, but he knew climbing the branches led to Mt. Olympus. While the God of the Underworld could never enter the land of living, he could, and would enjoy all the lush, living, busty bodies he could get his hands on. Actually he wasn’t picky about how he touched women, he would touch them however they wanted until they both came.

With a last gasp of air, he stopped and bent over with his hands on his knees. A good dose of exhaustion rolled over him as he felt complete. With a hard-on and untamed need rolling through his body, he smiled and accepted the thrill of being in a different form. His physical responses to the world at large was different. Wanting to cool down before he left the Underworld, Cer went to the ocean’s edge and walked in the water until a wave met him. Diving under a crashing wave, he enjoyed the silence until he eventually surfaced.

Throwing his head to the side sent his hair fluttering in that direction. It was a little longer, maybe shaggy, but he didn’t care. Running his hands over his body, learning what he now had and what was gone, he came to his cock and grasped it hard. This was what he enjoyed most about being a man…the pleasure he found in putting this in a woman. Unable to stop, he fisted his rod and worked it hard. Through his head ran images of breasts, big and small, but mostly big bouncing boobs. He was a breast man. Thinking about getting his mouth on large red nipples, he sent his seed out into the ocean with a shout.

Coming was great, but he needed to get a woman to fuck soon.

After he spent a bit of time in the water, cleaning up and altering his way of thinking to be more human, he sent thanks to Poseidon as he got out. Using the fabric to dry off, he wrapped it around his hips when he finished.

Running his hands through his hair to try and calm it down, he checked out his beard and shrugged. Shaggy and untidy was his look and had never turned off a woman who wanted him.

The sun beat down on his body. It was a glorious day and one he’d like to repeat over and over again. Guarding Hades’ world was what he did. The post let him be as aggressive or as nice as he wanted, but it wasn’t all encompassing. There was more to him than people labeling him the hellhound of the Underworld. He liked the chance to branch out and do anything other than keep dead people from wandering.

Living fully was what he wanted to do and he definitely would while watching over Persephone.

Without a second thought, he dashed up the tree and eventually he walked up the main cobbled path to Mount Olympus. There was one main temple up ahead, but to the side were workshops, large houses, and smaller abodes with plenty of olive trees between them. Trailing behind him, making a thin swishing trail in his wake, was the snake tail, but the heads were basically gone from his spine.

Cer wondered if his bite would still kill without the poison obviously running through his veins. He made a promise to himself not to put his teeth on anything unless pushed beyond the point of no return. Taking another person’s life was never done lightly.

Eventually he made his way to Demeter’s home and waited to gather himself. He knew Persephone didn’t get along with her mom and would want to get away, at least for a short time. They weren’t alike, not even in looks, but he would never question a mother’s love for her daughter.

Time to get on with the job, he reminded himself and made his way to the outer wall. Walking through the inner courtyard, the front door loomed before him. With a deep breath, he knocked, and waited for the inquisition to start.

“Cerberus! I am glad you’re here,” Demeter cried out as she gave him a hug. “Persephone is going to be the death of me. You must talk sense into her. She won’t do anything I say. There’s no respect for me or what I say either. She’s killing me.”

“It’ll all be fine, Goddess of the Harvest. We’ll figure out what’s best for you both,” he offered as a plan bloomed in his head.

“She’s only in my house for a part of the year and fights me every moment she’s here.” The woman led the way into her main room and showed him were to sit, then went to pour them both ambrosia and nuts.

“Have you considered letting her go on a trip? It would only be for a little while, but she’d get a chance to let her youth rule. After spending time down with the dead, I imagine she wants to live a little. To get wild and have fun before settling down to enjoy a visit with you, then going back down to be the Queen of the Underworld.” The idea came to him at the last second and he was pleased with it. What he said made perfect sense, now he hoped her mother went along, then hopefully Persephone would get on board. There were, however, no guarantees with either of these women.

“No! No way do I want her gone from me,” she cried.

“Don’t forget she’s an adult. A wife, a queen, she’s a woman, Demeter, not a child.” He tried to give her the truth in a gentle way, only he found it hard to be diplomatic.

“But she’s my baby!”

“Yes, but she’s also a woman. I hate hearing you two aren’t getting along.” It was the truth. He was agitated each time tales that they weren’t getting along made their way to him. There was little else he could say to convince her, but he hoped common sense would sink in.

“Her displeasure hurts, but I don’t know what to do,” Demeter said as she put her head against his shoulder. Wrapping his arm around her shoulder, he offered comfort by being there. There were no words he could give, but in time she might listen.

Twenty minutes passed before the goddess he tried to console muttered it might be good for her daughter to have a little break. “Anything would work if she spent time away from her bad apple husband,” said Demeter.

“Would you go with Persephone? Make sure she isn’t hurt in anyway? Kill anyone who gives her as much as an evil glance? I trust you, Cerberus, with my most treasured delightful daughter. I know you’ll handle all situations in the best way possible.” The woman, Goddess of the Harvest, was beautiful and off limits, but she opened the door to take her daughter away. He was grateful she’d made the move rather than him forcing the issue.

“Pain is all whoever touches her will know,” he promised and meant what he said.

“Then take her someplace nice. Maybe you can take her to visit the Alexandria Library. I hear it’s beautiful and interesting.” She wiped her eyes and seemed tired. Perhaps she was exhausted from arguing with her daughter. They were monumental fights if he recalled. There was no need to mention their going in a different direction than the one she suggested. The details could be shared after the trip, first they needed to actually go.

“Let me put the idea to her and we’ll take it from there. Is she in her rooms?” He asked to be polite, although he believed she was there waiting for him.

“I wouldn’t be upset if she were, Cer. Unfortunately she’s not here. She’s run away again. Since you came from the Underworld, I have to think she didn’t go to Hades. I may loathe what he did to her, kidnapping her while my back was turned, but I wish she was with him, then we’d at least know where she was. Check her rooms for a note. I can’t stomach seeing her things again.”

Fuck! No Persephone? He needed to find her quickly, otherwise there could be problems.

“I’ll be right back. I’m going to have a look.”

Dashing down the hallway, he pulled open the door he’d used in previous visits. Running around the room, he looked on all the surfaces for a hint of where she’d gone and found none. He had a few ideas of where to look, but first he had to tell her mother goodbye without dashing her hopes.

“Demeter, Goddess of the Harvest, she wasn’t there, but I have a few ideas of where she might be. I’m going now and will let you know if I find her.” He ran back to the sitting room and told her the barest facts. Time was getting on and he didn’t want to fail his friend and boss. How could Persephone leave? Didn’t she know he was coming?

“Be careful, Cerberus,” she called out with what he believed was a new flood of tears starting to fall.

Once out on the street, he made his way to the one place he knew would get him to the contemporary world as soon as possible.


The fabric wrapped around his waist was starting to slip and he didn’t care. There was no one around who hadn’t seen a man before. Persephone was considered a maiden by a few people, but she was married. No, there was nobody he needed to worry about. Letting it fall, he ran all out to the temple where he knew the man he was looking for resided.

There was no question he’d help because he also happened to be Persephone’s father. Shit, he had more children than he could count. They may call him a dog, but the King of the Gods was always in heat and therefore more of a dog than he was.

Running through the corridors of the temple, Cerberus was running out of places to look for the man. There was one last room to look and he was surprised to find not only Zeus, but his daughter as well.


“Cer! About time you made it.” She came up to him to kiss his cheek in welcome. “Did my husband give you no chance to even collect a bit of cloth to cover yourself? My face must be on fire after looking at your fabulously large cock. It’s not even at the ready. I can’t imagine what it looks like hard, pleasing your partner and ready to shoot seed. Quite a sight to behold, I’m sure.”

“The drama from your mother helped to steal my fabric, but enough with the melodrama. I’m glad to find you safe and sound. Do we have time for a glass of water before we leave? I’m parched after all the running I’ve done.” As far as he was concerned, right then, water would be much more thirst quenching than ambrosia.

“Absolutely! Bring Spot water,” Zeus called out to his temple handmaidens, using his nickname. Not many people knew the definition of his name. Cerberus was defined as Spot. Hades, as well as his brothers and sisters knew the name, only he didn’t spend much time around any of them.

“Thank you,” he offered in return. “I’m afraid Hades was rather limited in what he told me of my duties. All he said was I must protect the Queen of the Underworld and all had been arranged. Do you have any other instructions?”

“Give her space to explore, but don’t let anyone harm a hair on her head.”

“Done, now do you have anything I can wear? I would hate to upset anyone with my appearance, unless the people walk around in the nude. You’d hear no complaints from me if they did,” he said with a laugh. Without any shame, he was embracing the horny mantel he wore whenever he was a man. Casually he stroked his cock a few times and stroked his chin. The beard was still there but it was tidier than when he felt it while he was in the ocean.

Zeus laughed with him. “I wish I was going along, if only to sample the ladies. When we went to America to collect Castor, Pollux and their mate, Anissa, and they were fucking at the time, I do believe clothes were the norm.” Zeus laughed and nodded his head. “I’m sure we can find suitable clothes for you to wear from their time spent on Earth.”

With a nod in return, the older man took off to chat with someone to find him clothes to wear.

“Why did you leave, my queen? You were safe at your mother’s abode and your wellbeing is topmost on our minds when you aren’t with us in the Underworld.” He wasn’t upset, but he had to know her mindset. Hopefully it would help on their trip. He knew he’d need it and much more.

“Here you go,” Zeus said, giving him clothes to wear and water to drink in a glass. “I believe you two should leave, time is of the essence. My sister can’t be denied news of our daughter, but I will try my best to delay the information.”

“I appreciate your help, father,” Persephone said with a smile as she stood. “We’ll get what we need while there, Cer. I’ve talked with Anissa and she told me about the places we’ll visit. She went when she was younger and had hints for what to expect from the modern day world. I’m excited to see what the world offers as opposed to what we see here.”

After he put on the clothes Zeus offered, he gulped the water down in the three swallows, then set the goblet down. Smiling at the older man, he offered his hand.

“Thank you for your help, King of the Gods. If you can get word to Hades letting him know we got off safely, I know he’d appreciate the news.”

“No problem,” the man with a mane of white flowing hair and beard returned. “I’ve arranged for the special door I had made for Anissa to return to the contemporary world to take you both where you want to go. Hold hands, both say the same place over and over again, and you’ll find yourselves there.”

“Shall we go to Hyde Park?” Persephone asked him, except he hadn’t a clue where it was she wanted to go.

“Wherever you say, my queen.”

“Then Hyde Park in London it is,” she told him with a smile and led him to the door. “While we’re there we’ll be cousins, Cer. Cousins who will do whatever they want.”

“And playmates, my queen? Can I have a playmate? I want a woman who’s soft and full of curves. And boobs, seriously big boobs with hard tips for me to have fun with for hours.” Cer’s words were the last Zeus heard as the door closed behind them.

Oh boy, they were in for an interesting time, he concluded with a gusty laugh and finished his ambrosia.