Chapter One

“What the fuck is up with today? I woke up, and everything was fine. The day was beautiful, and the waves were great. Did a little surfing, and now, it’s nothing but shit on a stick. It’s not even eight am, and the day is already fucked up!” There was no one to hear or sympathize with Brian Mulligan, and he didn’t care. The garage was a mess, and he didn’t like messes.

“Someone have a party in here last night? I’ll fire their ass if they did!”

Without looking at what he held, Brian threw it in the trash. A few minutes passed, before the red haze of anger gave way to curiosity. There were no empty bottles of beer or empty bags of beef jerky, nothing saying let’s get wild. Holding a box in his hand, he finally read the label, and was surprised.

“Knockoff Harley shocks?” He muttered as he turned the box over in his hand. “What the hell were they doing last night? We don’t handle this crap.”

Picking up another box, Brian found another cheap copy for a bike demanding premium parts. Something was definitely wrong. He gathered up the boxes and put them on the nearest worktop. After all the other trash was cleared, he stood back and looked at what he’d uncovered.

They fixed cars at The Niños Garage, which begged the question: why were they buried in cut-rate parts for bikes? He had a Harley. They were a well-constructed machine, but they didn’t fix them as part of their business. What they strived to maintain was a garage where clients returned only when necessary and talked about their great experience. Half-assed repairs might be good for the wallet, but in the long run, they didn’t encourage people to happily return.

A few days ago, he’d had a look at the books, and nothing had stood out as being wrong. There were no funds missing. He wanted to know where the parts had come from and who they were meant for? There was an even bigger question, what were they used on?

“What the…?” Brian whispered, pissed off all over again. The only thing he knew would bring him back to level was a basic cup of black coffee. Their pot was set on a timer, which meant there should be some dripping by now. Walking across the garage to the partners’ offices, he tried to ignore the mess for a little while longer.

The reason he always came in earlier than anyone else was for the quiet. After the constant noise and chaos he’d lived with for two years in prison, he wanted peace, or, at least, to start his day on a quiet note. No roommates made it easy, but there was a transition to be made into the work day. His time inside had been a few years ago. He’d made mistakes when he was younger, but he was done playing with shit. He walked a straight line, well, generally straight.

Yup, once released, he’d gone legit, and had had a great response. He’d let his good nature take over, and the ladies flocked to his side. Not necessarily side, more like his dick, and he was happy they did. As far as he was concerned, there was no downside when it brought plenty of soft curvy flesh for him to play with.

As faceless, naked women danced through his head, he smiled and collapsed in a chair. Sliding across the floor, he filled a cup with black coffee and moved closer to a desk. With legs stretched out before him, he blew on the burned caffeine, and took a drink.

Sighing, he closed his eyes, and let the hot drink seep through his body.


There was a puzzle in the garage, and he’d solve it, soon, but first he’d enjoy his coffee. Quiet, coffee and time alone were all required before the guys started to drift in and he put in a full day’s work. Life was great with a boost of caffeine.

“Hello?” The soft-pitched feminine voice immediately raced through his veins, and hot need swiftly followed.

Figures. All it took was one softly spoken word from her, and he was as hard as a rock. Apparently, he didn’t even need to see her. Simply hearing her speak and he was ready to fuck her until she screamed. No more gentle tones would slip out from between her luscious lips. He’d make sure she only released the most intense moans filled with unadulterated pleasure. Moans filled with delight, groans of his name and maybe the word please, but definitely his name.

“Hello? Brian?”

“Back here, Sherry.” Putting his feet on the floor, he slid his legs under the desk and waited for his personal siren to appear.

To call what he was feeling for her a crush seemed far too mild a word, but he wouldn’t put the l-word on it either, at least, not yet.

She was a woman who’d fascinated him from the first time he laid eyes on her. Maybe it was how hard she’d been to entice into his bed that made him hungry for more, but he didn’t think so. There was nothing easy or simple about her, but he’d focused all his skill to have her and was rewarded. Over the summer, they’d hooked up a few times, even had a couple threesomes with his partner Tom before he’d fallen for a girl. Every experience they’d had together left a mark on his soul. Soon he’d have to consider them, but for the moment, he’d enjoy himself.

Kink was his preferred choice for sex and, lucky for him, she liked to play, as well. When he let his dominant side free, she immediately fell into being his submissive. They were meant to get together. Too bad, it wouldn’t last. In the past he’d screwed things up somehow, and there was no reason to think anything had changed. In the meantime, he hoped they had more time to play before the inevitable happened.

“Oh, hi, Brian. I’m sorry, am I too early? Are you guys open? The front door was unlocked, and I assumed—”

“No, no, you’re fine. What’s up?” Shit, had he really said that when his hard-on was begging for her attention? “I mean, happening, yes, what’s, fuck,” he murmured the last word. Brian tried not to look at her beautifully confused face. Thankfully, she couldn’t see under the table where his dick was already hard. Seeing her beautiful, big greenish-brown eyes and long, straight blonde hair surrounding her tan face did it for him.

Being in her presence made him horny physically, and mentally, he was happy to see her. There was a smile on his face, and it didn’t come easily.

They’d had fun, played some and climaxed more. He didn’t think she was looking for anything serious, but she wanted a safe place to find her release. Nothing about him said grand prize, especially not for someone as good and clean as Sherry. He was a guy who messed around with lots of women. Only one at a time though; he wasn’t a cheater.

There were quite a few local ladies he could place on his did ‘em list. He had no regrets with past conquests. Each one had been in his bed because they’d wanted to be there. They had added plenty of spice to his life, and mentally, he thanked each one of them, even the crazy woman who had peacocks living in her house. Finding a peacock spreading its feathers as they came made her into a once-was-enough woman.

Besides his many sex partners, he wasn’t a good option for commitment for one very good reason. Nobody wanted a dog that’d spent time in prison. They were fine enjoying their playtime, but nothing more. If he had a daughter, he wouldn’t want her dating a felon.

“Is something wrong with your car?” He managed to get his brain out of his pants and back on why he assumed she was there.

“The check engine light came on last week, and I have no idea how to check it. I’m sure you guys do, right?” Her Ford wasn’t new or ancient, but middle aged. He’d been under the hood recently and was pretty sure there was nothing bad going on. No, it was probably more like a timing thing. One of the mechanisms designers put into cars was an alert. Once a number of miles driven, the check engine light popped on. However, it didn’t mean there couldn’t be a problem. He’d take a look and figure out the best solution.

Anything for Sherry, he silently concluded with a smile.

“We do, and it’s not a problem to check it. Can you leave it with me?” He pulled the schedule book closer and took a quick look at what was up for the day. “I have an oil change and need to replace a muffler. If it’s all right with you, we can check your engine in between.” He couldn’t stop smiling when he looked up at her. Something about her simply made him happy. She lived life fully, and he liked standing on the side watching every step she made.

“Want to make sure I’m running well?” Sherry laughed and flopped into another chair. “You do work some type of enchantment on my engine, Brian.”

“Enchantment? You’re the one charging up my tools, baby.” Despite the ugly start to his day, she made it look better. Walking over to where she sat, he picked her up and swapped places before sliding her into his lap. “There’s time before the rest of the crew comes in, want to create some magical stuff together?”

“Are we talking Harry Potter? Or Criss Angel stuff where things disappear before they eventually return?”

“You do have a dirty mind hidden underneath all this sweet, girl next door stuff you have going on. How do you pull it off?”

While she was thinking about his question, Brian pressed his lips gently to hers. Sherry was incredibly soft. The feel of her bee-stung mouth beneath his was addicting. One kiss led to another, almost to her ear and another, further down on her neck. They’d been together enough times he knew which spots made her heart race when they were touched. Nothing stopped him from carrying on while listening to her breathing become faster, less steady, more excited.

“Being me brings great, oh, yes, there…right there,” she whispered and straddled his lap causing her skirt to ride up dangerously high on her thighs. Moving her shirt aside, his mouth hovered over a tender place. Without a word, Brian sucked the place where her neck and shoulder met. He knew it was her weak spot and went in for the kill. It wouldn’t matter if he gave her a hickey, her shirt would cover it if she was embarrassed, but he didn’t.

Wanting more of her silky flesh, he kept nibbling as he unbuttoned her blouse. Shifting the fabric aside, his hand traced softly over her bra-covered breasts. He hated it when she wore a bra. Oh, he knew she believed it was necessary, but his tastes ran towards the dirty. To watch her bare mounds move beneath her shirts was entrancing, to see hard nipples poke through made touching her a must.

Pulling his mouth away from her sweet spot, he let her know exactly what he wanted her to do if he was to continue.

“Take your bra off, babe, but keep your shirt on.” There was a trick women knew how to do, and he liked watching her chest get jostled around while she managed to do it.

“I shouldn’t, your crew will be here any minute, and I hav—”

“Are you saying no?” It was unintentional, but the tone of his voice dropped to the one he used when they played D/s games. Were they a couple that only knew one way of having sex? No, they did it vanilla style, no problem. His mind whirled around, but he couldn’t find anything wrong with doing it the standard way with an occasional side of kink.

“No Sir, see?” Beneath his steady gaze, Sherry reached around her back and unhooked her bra. Immediately, with pleasure he watched her large breasts bounce as they were freed. He liked seeing them move around. Swiftly, she slipped her hands up beneath the short sleeves and pulled the straps down. Within a minute she was holding out the bra for him to take.

“Beautiful,” he whispered and moved her shirt out of the way. Each breast was more than he could hold in his hand. Brian was pretty sure he didn’t have a type of woman he went for, but these breasts were his all time favorite. “Nothing is better than big, beautiful breasts for breakfast.”

“Would Sir like to taste them?”

His dick hardened and pushed against her underwear-covered pussy. While the skirt she wore wasn’t short or slutty, it did make him want inside her heat all the more.

“Yes I would,” he told her in a deep low voice. With great care, she cupped a breast in each hand and held it out for him to do whatever he wanted. Sometimes, he caressed the hard tips, others he pinched and tugged them, often he scrubbed a thumb over the pink flesh, and he always feasted on them with a moan. Right then, he wanted all of her, but settled on shifting her pussy over his hard-on while he thoroughly nibbled on one point then the other.

They played master and sex slave, Dom and sub, whatever it was called these days. They played the game, but he got off on what they did together mentally as well as physically. To have Sherry spend a couple of days naked with him was true pleasure. Having her want to cater to his every wish without having to ask was what had him coming back for more.

Maybe she knew what he wanted and gave it to him, but he preferred to think she also wanted what they did. They often chatted, but not about too serious, and he figured things needed to change. Later though, because right now, he had a nipple in his mouth, and the experience was better than fucking great.

Circling the tip of his tongue around the pink, almost red aureole, he reached up and pinched the other one. When he moved his mouth to take the entire nipple inside, he pulled on the other tip in his fingers and twisted it until she moaned.

Sherry dry fucked him while he played with her breasts. There was only one tattoo on her body, but it held his attention. A woman made of light blues and whites blew snowflakes across her chest. The piece looked like cold wind was pushing the delicate flakes over her breasts making the nipples hard. When they were first together and he’d asked, she smiled what he now considered a wicked grin and told him she liked it when her nipples were hard.

Of course, she liked it when her tips were hard.

Secretly naughty, while looking innocent, was Sherry in a nutshell. She got off on the kinky games they played, and yet when she was dressed, her appearance was girl next door. Fine, he had her on his lap her, and would happily give her what they both wanted—wildly hot sex.

“I should carry nipple clamps for moments like this. Hearing you swiftly inhale and groan as I fuck you—”

“Morning,” Jerry shouted from the bay where Brian heard the big doors being opened. The guys were starting to arrive, and he didn’t want to show Sherry to them.

“Hey Jerry, I’ll be out in a minute.”

Staking his claim on her breasts, again, he pinched them both and scrubbed his thumbs over the exposed tips. She had been close to coming, and he wondered if there was a chance to push her over the edge.

Brian had eyes only for Sherry’s breasts. Bending over to suckle on a tip, Brian then leaned back and grasped the bulk both breasts in his hands. The flesh busted out between fingers and her hard almost red nipples burst out between two digits. They were a fine treat and a great way to start the day.

Using his hold on her breasts, he took over their forgotten dry hump and started it back up again. Finally, he looked up at her, and found a woman lost in pleasure. She enjoyed what they were doing as much as he was. Unfortunately, with a worker seconds away from coming in for his morning coffee, he couldn’t take their game any further.

After a kiss to each nipple, he slowly buttoned up her blouse.

“I should let you go. Sam is coming to pick me up, and, well, whatever you have going on needs your attention.” Sherry sounded calm, although he was feeling anything but at ease. It took a moment, but eventually he noticed her hands shook where they straightened her shirt.

What was going on in her head? He was about to ask, but she’d already started to move away from him. For the first time he could think of, he started to miss the idea of her being with him. It was an odd moment to acknowledge her loss and yet endearing. Softhearted wasn’t something he usually considered himself, but things were different with Sherry. The idea of missing her brought ideas of their reunion to mind. He wanted to nudge her need one more time.

“By the way, I plan to keep hold of your bra. I’ll come by the club later and tell you what’s happening with your car. Fair?” He could phone her with the details, but he wanted to see her again. Any reason he fabricated was simply an excuse to be with her, touch her, smell her unique flowery scent and hear her voice.

“Sounds fine, but please don’t lose it or spill oil on it. Not lacy and pretty, I know, but I need something substantial and hard working, and that’s one of the best bras around.” If she hadn’t sounded sincere, he would’ve laughed. He didn’t care what she wore beneath her clothes. They never stayed on her body for long when they were together.

“Deal?” With a smile Brian held out his hand for them to shake on it.

“Deal,” she laughed and returned to shake his. There were no more words spoken. He merely used their clenched hands to pull her closer until he wrapped his other arm around her back.

The kiss they shared was unexpectedly different than what they’d done earlier. There was no heat or eroticism. What they had was softer, almost sweet. Their lips connected and something else came through.

Not sure where things were headed, he moved back and gave her hand a last squeeze. He could tell she was startled by his thoughtfulness, but he kissed her swiftly and stepped away from temptation.

There was something about Sherry making him think about new scenarios. There was no future for them, or was there?

“Are you good?” Of course, she knew something wasn’t normal between them. She asked him about it because she was a caring woman. Shit, he’d changed things up with her which had made her wonder. He was in trouble, big trouble.

“I’m fine, baby. Horny, but fine. Now go, I have to get my head around the day and the mess I found.” Brian squeezed her hand, turned her around, and gave her ass a gentle swat to get her moving. “I’ll stop by the club, later.”

“Okay, okay, I’ll see you later, then.” Sherry smiled and gave a small wave before she walked out of the office.

Watching her get into a truck driven by another guy was not what he wanted to see. What did she call him? Sam? She worked with a Sam. He was a retired military, flag-waving hero, who may or may not be gay. It didn’t matter. Sherry believed he was, but Brian was starting to think he was at least bi and wanted to fuck her. Who wouldn’t want her?

What the hell was wrong with him?

Shit!” he shouted once they pulled into morning traffic. Pushing the chair out of his way, he banged his way toward the bays. Grabbing his hat off the peg, he put on the old, faded baseball cap backwards, and got down to business. “What the fuck went on last night? This place was a mess when I came in and littered with empty boxes of cheap parts. That is not us, not at all.”

“I don’t know what’s going on. Carlos told me a few days ago that Tom had said he could have some friends over to use the tools,” the guy started. With a few words, Brian’s mind changed. While he’d been gone in meetings with the bank, his partner had stepped up. Fine, his buddy had wanted to try something new, he was all for out of the box moves, but it had turned into a mess.

“We’re cool,” he told Jerry, deciding to talk with Tom about it when they went to the Shark Club later. “Go grab yourself a cup of coffee, and we’ll get started cleaning. Busy today and that’s not counting the walk-ins.”