Chapter One

Present day on Mount Olympus

“Boys, your mother is driving me absolutely nuts by denying my needs, and I can’t take it any longer!  You don’t know what it’s been like here on Mount Olympus. For centuries, since I cast you both up into the sky, she ignored me. That was hard to take, but it was her choice, and so I stayed away. Then, to my surprise, she sought me out on Valentine’s Day. We talked about you two and Leda claimed the position you two found yourself in was my fault.

“By not granting you immortality, she said, your destiny was fiddled with, and you were both lost to us forever. By the way, you should know that to your mother, you two can do no wrong, and we know that’s not true. You’re good boys, but you were up to no good on that day, and you Castor, were dying from a spear to your chest. What else could I do? I had to act quickly.”

The powerful man speaking to them hadn’t changed during all the time they’d been relegated to existing in the sky. Strength of mind, body, and purpose radiated from him, proving the full head of grey hair didn’t mean he was incapacitated in any way. Pollux knew it would be a monumental mistake to consider him old, feeble, and therefore easily manipulated. Zeus was still very much in control and would dispose of someone who went against him without a moment’s hesitation.

“I’m proud of you both and how well you’ve handled yourselves as such an important constellation. Pollux, you proved yourself a good man when you agreed to give up half of your immortality so your brother wouldn’t die, even though it meant you both could only exist up in the sky. I’ve never said this before, but you two need to know that I admit I was wrong. I should’ve ensured Castor was also immortal. And Castor, my son, I’m sorry for that lapse. Neither of you should ever have been placed in such a position as dying. But I didn’t do what I should’ve and therefore did what I could at the time so you weren’t left to exist down in Hades as a common man would.”

Pollux looked at his brother and found him to be as surprised by their father’s admission as he was. After all the time that passed, they never expected to see the man again, much less have him admit to making a mistake. One minute they were floating in the sky, like they always did, and the next thing they knew, they were standing before Zeus, in his throne room, on Mount Olympus.

Looking around the magnificent space he remembered fondly, he nodded a greeting to various occupants, and marveled how nothing had changed physically. How was that possible?

Despite their home being untouched by time, there was one thing he was sure of, and that was how something important was happening and he and Castor were a part of it. Not all of the seats were filled by the Olympians, but Hades, Aphrodite, Ares, Hermes, Dionysus, and Hephaestus were there, and each of them was paying close attention to their conversation.

While it would be easy to lay the blame for what happened to them at the feet of the man standing before them, they were too honest to do that. He and his brother had known if they were caught cattle rustling, it could lead to trouble. The adrenalin in them spiked whenever trouble was involved and that was part of why they’d done it.

Even though they were the Dioscuri, the Sons of Zeus, only he, Pollux, had been born immortal. They’d never considered the possibility of Castor being killed on one of their mission. They were born protectors, willing to kill and maim anyone who knowingly harmed another. That was who they were and they took on their duty without any restrictions or second thoughts. If someone managed to hurt them or managed to kill Castor while they carried out their missions, so be it. Only when it came down to the moment of losing his brother, his twin who was not really his twin, he couldn’t let him go.

“Well, I’m done. The white flag has been thrown and I’ve worked out a satisfactory compromise with Leda.”

Stunned, Pollux looked at Castor to see what he’d missed. Except he found the same confusion on his brother’s face he knew he wore. It had sounded like the King of the gods was surrendering, except that couldn’t be. He was the ultimate ruler and definitely never backed down before another.

“You are both being given one year to find your true loves. Not lust, but the real, you’d perish without them, kind of love. If you do find your mates, and prove to your mother and myself that your love is true and returned, then you will all be granted permission to reside in comfort with them here, on Mount Olympus, for an eternity. The universe is your hunting ground. No matter where you decide to search for your mates, you will be given all the advantages you require to blend into the local culture and exist comfortably.

“However, before you guys make a decision to accept our offer, there are two things you need to know. First, you both must agree to accept the challenge and in doing so, you forfeit your place in the sky as the beloved Gemini constellation. Secondly, if one of you does not find their mate or your mother and I do not agree that they are both mutual love matches, then you have both failed. To fail means you will immediately be sent to the Underworld as mere mortals.” An ultimatum delivered most effectively by a powerful man used to dictating without being questioned.


“Whoa, stop right there, Pollux. You’ve been gone awhile, but am I not king of the gods, ruler of the heavens and the universe, the all-knowing Zeus? Surely you can find something else to call me than…that! Sounds so old and that’s definitely not me.” Obviously the masterful man held power comfortably, but not his age. So much for thinking he’d changed over time. He was still the self-centered man he’d been back when they’d been living amongst the immortals.

“Fine, Zeus, do we have any say in what the offer you’ve just stated entails?”

“No, everything is settled. All that’s left for you two to do is decide if you want to accept the challenge and if so, where you’d like to search for your lovers. Oh, wait, there’s one other thing you need to know. Neither your mother nor I was sure, after all the time that has past, which way you guys traveled, so we added wording to ensure gender played no part in the challenge. Your mates can be male or female. Now what’s it going to be?”

“Wait a second!  We haven’t had a chance to discuss any of this and it’s a major decision which shouldn’t be taken lightly.” Pollux would not be bullied into making a choice before he had a chance to talk it through with his brother. That was how they ended up floating around the sky and he wouldn’t let it happen again.

“Give me a break, Pollux. I can’t believe after all the time you’ve been floating out amongst the stars that you haven’t changed a bit. You’re still far too serious and stubborn. Go ahead, talk between yourselves in that twin talk thing you two do so well, but hurry it up. Hera isn’t around right now and your mother is going to give a little something-something up tonight if you guys agree to the challenge.

“I may not be able to get into Leda’s delightful pussy yet, but that will happen eventually, and all because I’m offering you two a chance to a real existence. When you two are settled, then I will finally be able to enjoy some seriously wicked fuck sessions with her, and this time as a man. You know the whole swan thing was good for artists, but a bit awkward to do.”

“Okay, first off, yes, I’d love to take the challenge. Oh, and it would be a woman for me. What about you, Castor? What do you think?” Turning to face his twin, he asked for his input on the major change their lives were about to take. Castor hadn’t had any say when they were eventually sent up to reside amongst the stars. His opinion hadn’t been ignored on purpose because he’d been dying at the time and had no way to add his preferences. But that was then, now he was of sound mind, and had a chance to be included in the discussion.

“Yes and definitely a female. I miss playing with a nice set of breasts.”

“Good, I didn’t doubt it, because we’ve often been attracted to the same type of woman. Now, where should we go?”

“What about America? There are loads of women there, all beautiful, and all different. Both of us are bound to find our mate with such fantastic odds as we’d face there.” Castor was the more relaxed of the two of them, always had been, although his concern for a successful outcome to this opportunity was obvious. His brother wanted to exist on two legs as much as he did and finding their mates made them want to succeed even more so.

“He said The Universe, so shouldn’t we think of places with a bigger populace, and more free-thinking? What about the women in Vector 13? They love sex, and well, let’s be completely honest here, Castor, it’s been ages since we had anything other than our dreams to satisfy us. Personally, number one on my list is to get copious amounts of pussy. However, and more importantly, the Vector 13 society is similar to ours, and they don’t judge people on their sexual lifestyles.”

“Not all Americans are uptight puritans. Times have changed. They’ve become more open-minded toward people being different and that their desire might be played out in a non-traditional way as well. Okay, not all of them, but enough to make it prime hunting ground. Besides, their women are beautiful, smart, and adventurous, and while the Vector 13’s are good looking in their own way, their lack of curves is not all that appealing to me. I don’t think it is to you either.”

“Oh well, there you have it Da-Zeus. We accept your challenge and our choice of destinations would be the Earth’s America.” Pollux turned to his father and gave him their decision. He didn’t want to take a chance in the offer suddenly disappearing, so spoke quickly. Besides, like Castor hinted at, he did prefer women who had breasts, hips, and asses. He wanted all the sexy soft bits that were meant to be played with and enjoyed.

“Fine. Good. Here’s the rules, read it carefully, and don’t break any of them. If you do, the challenge is over, and you’ll immediately be taken to your Uncle Hades territory. Now go talk with the Moirai, they are bound to be out of touch with what you two are looking for in a mate. Once they’re ready, they’ll bring in a few of the other immortals to work on setting you two up in style. Hermes will be your only form of contact to me. If you’re lacking anything, let him know. Each month he’ll check to see if you’ve found your mates. Okay, off you go then, and good luck.”

Turning to his father, Pollux held out his hand to shake his sire’s, and passed on his thanks. “Thank you, Zeus. We appreciate the lengths you’re going to so we can have a second chance at immortality.”

“Yes, thank you, Zeus.” Castor followed suit and shook the hand of the man who wasn’t really his father, but was kind of one.

“Remember, there are only 365 of those measly mortal days to find success, or you’re both headed for the Underworld. Hades may be your uncle, but there will be no familial favoritism offered if you go down there. Now go and do me proud boys. Find your mates.” With those last words from Zeus, the twins left the throne room, their father’s house, and eventually stepped outside to breathe the pure air found only on Mount Olympus.

Pausing on the cobbled path that led to the Moirais’ place, Pollux looked around at what had once been his home, and took a deep breath. Floating around in the sky hadn’t really been living and he wanted another chance to do it right. Looking at Castor, he saw his brother was feeling much like he was, and suddenly they started laughing together. Nothing had seemed real. Starting with being pulled from their home amongst the twinkling and the challenge their father had set, but they’d happily take the opportunity to live again and make it happen.

With each minute that passed, he felt more comfortable with the challenge they’d accepted. Then, within seconds, reality started to sink in alongside the euphoria. The seriousness of the situation was obvious, but he wouldn’t let it take away anything from their pleasure at unexpectedly being offered a second chance at truly living.

Looking at his twin, who wasn’t really his twin, Pollux had no doubts that they’d find their mates or die trying. With that one thought, a flood of questions suddenly crashed through his head, and Castor voiced the one that seemed to be the most important.

“Wait, can we die down there, or will we be immortal from the moment we set foot on American soil?”

“Here, let’s read the papyrus father gave us, and see what it says. He’s a tricky man and I wouldn’t put it past him to add a few hidden traps along the way. We don’t want our challenge to end before it’s even started.”