Chapter One


Mike Kane hadn’t expected a blizzard for the record books to hit while he was in New York City, but it had, and the storm was messing with his mind. Even though he was a beach bum born and bred, he liked the snow. Skiing, snowboarding, it was surfing while wearing more clothes as he swooshed down a slushy to hard surface. No problem, only the storm had its own plan. Havoc and monumental disruption first, then fun stuff to follow later.

Fine, Mother Nature was in charge, unfortunately being stuck inside wasn’t something he handled well.

Pacing the hotel room, trying to ignore feelings of claustrophobia, he reminded himself of two facts. It had been his choice to do an updated video game, hence the trip east, and he’d been here for one week, not weeks. Maybe it felt longer because he’d spent most of his time inside a warehouse, pretending to surf for a camera while wearing a green Lycra jumpsuit with a multitude of sensors attached.

Ultimately, he knew he’d like and be proud of the final product, but the production side was definitely not his thing. The ocean was his joy. He was in his element sliding through the silent nirvana of a tube, carving his way down the face of a massive wave or paddling along the shore with jumping dolphins and an occasional whale as his companions. Surfing was what he knew how to do and enjoyed doing even though professional surfer was no longer his job title. A shark had forced early retirement on him, but hadn’t managed to take away any of the fun and fulfillment he found in the water.

Flopping back into the chair resting before the room’s biggest window, he stretched his legs out, swigged a bit more of his water and tried to see Central Park. If it weren’t snowing hard and almost midnight, he’d go for a walk. All he needed was some fresh air and to hear Mary’s voice, then he’d be ready to face the dreaded suit challenge tomorrow presented. He was a shorts, t-shirt and thongs kind of guy, not one who donned a suit, a shirt and tie as well as shiny shoes with matching socks. However, the meetings called for him to wear the suit, and so he would to help be taken seriously.

The weather ensured everything from the meetings taking place to his flight leaving on time was left in doubt. Great, more stuff he couldn’t control.

Looking at his watch, he saw it was almost nine o’clock in California and she hadn’t phoned. Something the encounter with the shark taught him was that life was too short to let go of what was good and Mary was beyond good, she was the woman he loved. She made him happy and eager to see what happened next.

The hours she worked were harsh and downtime suffered, but there was something else that bothered him more. They were great together and it hurt that she continued to keep their relationship secret. There were a few bad decisions he’d made during his hard-partying days, but they were in the past, and it was time for them to move on, together. They needed to talk about that when he returned, but first there were meetings with lawyers, another about a potential t-shirt line, an interview and accompanying photographs to take and a blizzard that needed to stop.

Walking over to the room’s bar, he started to pour more water into his glass when the mobile phone in his pocket buzzed. A feeling of lightness and warmth spread through him and he knew without looking in the mirror he wore a big grin. No doubt about it, Mary made him happy.

Without checking the number, he answered, knowing it was her, and went over to stretch out on the bed. Her voice would soothe him and help push his tired brain into sleep mode.

“Hiya, chick. You worked late tonight.” Mike could hear how his voice changed knowing it was her on the other end. It was relaxed, bordering on seductive. Closing his eyes, he pictured her stretched out on her bed talking to him. His cock twitched at the image and started to harden. Maybe they’d have a little verbal loving to end the day on a good note.