After months of begging, she was wearing sexy scraps of next to nothing, tied to his bed and seconds from being taken. Mary had given him all the permission and voiced all the trust needed for him to bind and possess her until she screamed with satisfaction.

Any second he was going to strip her, touch her bare body wicked way, take her to heaven and she was going to be screaming her pleasure…any second now…

New York City is a glamorous world and the pleasure found there is pure decadence.



The Sticky Wicket is a club of debauchery, exactly what the patrons are looking to enjoy. Lila wants sex and nothing else, specifically no strings, no relationship. Her time spent submitting to Josh delivers all she wants, plus more when bondage and toys are included. She screams with pleasure and does the unexpected. She returns for a second round of pleasure.

Night two takes things a step further and includes his legal partner and friend, Steven. Her mind and body are taken to places she never knew existed … is a third night in the cards?

London is steeped in history, but there is nothing old or sinful about the passionate games they play.