Mike Kane is a multiple world champion surfer who everyone watched get chomped by a shark. He rides big waves and is a well tattooed hunk into BDSM, so why did the love of his life leave him high and dry?

Mary Miller is a beloved television star who takes what’s going to be thrown away and makes them new and useful again. Unfortunately, she’s an emotional mess after breaking up with him, immediately regrets her decision and tries to make things right again.

The tattooed retired surfer and daytime TV star are superficial opposites, yet perfect for each other. They live in paradise and it isn’t easy on them. Their love must stand up to the strain of a public-relations nightmare if they have any hope of making their relationship work.

Mistakes are made and they need privacy to fix things, but what about the media?



Boyd Gordon was a gorgeous, hunky Scotsman who played professional soccer. He scored big for his team, defended when necessary, all of which made for happy fans. Off the field went pretty good as well. The sexual beast reputation was often reported and true. Sex was great, unfortunately he hadn’t found the one who made his heart beat faster until her, an American lawyer.

Kat Thompson practiced family law and worked hard to pay off her student loans. The clients related horrifying stories and she tried applying what she’d learned to turn things around for them. There was no time in her life for anything other than shoes and her friends from the Faboo Shoe Coffee Crew. They knew about her kinky needs and didn’t judge, but they gave advice when she received bootie calls from her visiting Scotsman.

Everything is great when two matched souls find each other, right?