Poor Man Tacos have been a staple in my family since before I was born.  My Grandfather was the Chief in a downtown Los Angeles fire department and my Grandma used to cook for the crew.  Amongst other things, tacos were one of the easiest and quickest dishes to make, that also passed the “call away” test…tasted wonderful hot from the kitchen, but also when they returned from a fire.  Using vegetables meant not as much meat was necessary and hence the “poor man”. Traditionally cabbage and mayonnaise were the only things added but as time has moved on, my family has made a little advancement with the “fixings” area.  Personally my favorite way to eat poor man tacos [you never have just one] is with cheese, cabbage and mayo.  Thankfully they are always on the menu when I go to moms, and yes, I’ve even bagged some up and stuck them in my luggage to eat when I get home.




Do firefighters get kinky with as much passion, dedication, and single-minded focus, as they do when running toward a fire?

Life as a firefighter is hard work, long hours, dangerous, and Mark Taylor accepts it all. Thankfully, he has a lover who brings balance and makes everyday a great day. Hana, a busty beauty, is smart, beautiful, and sexually adventutrous, his perfect match.

There is, however, one thing keeping him on edge, and it's time to fix it. Tonight, while they're at the Drive-In, he'll play with her mind and body until she tells him what he needs to hear. That she loves him, as he does her, heart, body, and soul.